Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Spartan Diet: The Best System For Calorie Restriction

Yet another article came out today on the longevity benefits of calorie restriction, augmenting a mountain of press on the subject. These articles will tell you about the research, but they won't tell you how to realistically integrate calorie restriction into your life.

The Spartan Diet is the only system we're aware of for building lifelong calorie restriction into your daily routine. Best of all, you don't have to count calories. Just let your body do the math. Here's the Spartan way to achieve lifelong calorie restriction.

First of all, follow the Spartan Diet, which will give you complete nutrition (restricting calories while eating average industrialized foods can compromise health -- when you're cutting calories, every calorie counts.)

All you have to do is stick to the following Spartan Diet rules:
1. Eat three meals a day; snack only on fresh, whole, raw fruit.

2. Stop eating before you feel "full" -- learn to find that place between "satisfied" and "full."

3. Achieve hunger between each meal. If, on average, you fail to achieve hunger during most lunches, for example, reduce food at breakfast or exercise more or both. The hunger thing is something you need to "tweak" by monitoring your hunger level and adjusting your lifestyle accordingly.

It's that simple. Here are a few more things you need to know about Spartan Diet hunger:
* Our belief is that hunger is a natural condition that's as necessary for health as fatigue from exercise. Nature never anticipated that the human body would never experience hunger. We need hunger, and when you give your digestive system a break, you'll have more bodily energy for other things -- like building muscle.

* The hunger you feel on a standard or junk-food diet is a crazy, maddening, intense hunger. The reason for this is that industrialized food doesn't provide your body with adequate nutrition, and your body knows it. This lack of nutrition throws your metabolism into panic mode, and dials up the hunger. Spartan Diet hunger is much less intense, and it's something you can learn to actually crave.

* The Spartan Diet has something called the Doctrine of Hunger, which goes into detail on all this. We'll publish this information in the near future.

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