Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Common Additive in Processed Foods Linked to Cancer

Researchers at Seoul National University in South Korea have identified a link between an additive commonly used in processed foods and lung cancer. The use of inorganic phosphates has increased dramatically in the past few years in processed meat products, as well as cheese, beverages and other industrial foods.

The BBC quoted Professor Stephen Spiro, the deputy chairman of the British Lung Foundation, as saying:
"Whilst this may be a relevant observation it has never been assessed in man, and any recent increase in high phosphate ingestion due to excessive phosphates in processed foodstuffs would be likely to take many years before they could affect tumour development in humans."
In other words, don't do anything rash -- like eating healthy food.

The Spartan Diet, of course, is 100% free of inorganic phosphates because zero processed food products are on the diet, as well as zero cheese, zero domesticated animal meat and zero canned or bottled beverages.