Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How the Spartan Diet fixes the "10 diet mistakes men make"

Personal trainer Lorie Dudley posted a dead-on blog post called "10 'Diet' mistakes men make." Dudley lists each of the ten mistakes, and follows them with great advice and context on each. Here are Dudley's "10 mistakes" followed by brief commentary on how the Spartan Diet solves each one.

1. Eating too much. The Spartan Diet controls food quantity by limiting all food intake to three meals a day. Achieve hunger between each meal, then stop eating before getting full. There is no way to eat too much on the Spartan Diet.

2. Portion distortion. Spartan Diet recipes and meal plans provide all foods in just the right proportion, right-sizing protein, calories, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and all the rest in optimal quantities.

3. Drinking your calories. There are no caloric beverages on the Spartan Diet except for a total of four glasses of organic red wine or beer per week. There are no sodas, shakes, smoothies, juices or any other caloric liquids on the Spartan Diet.

4. Snacking on unhealthy foods. There is neither snacking nor unhealthy foods of any kind on the Spartan Diet.

5. Eating late at night. All food on the Spartan Diet is consumed in three meals per day.

6. Not eating breakfast. Breakfast is an important one of the three Spartan Diet meals.

7. Eating whatever you want. The Spartan Diet eliminates all low-quality foods, including all processed, adulterated or other junk foods. And it provides a system for choosing the most-healthy food option in every situation.

8. Eating processed foods. There are zero processed foods on the Spartan Diet.

9. Not drinking enough water. Water is the main beverage on the Spartan Diet, and most other beverages are not on the diet.

10. Not eating enough. The Spartan Diet three-meal, no-snacking system enables everyone to right-size meals and make sure that each Spartan Dieter gets just the right amount of nutrition-dense calories.