Saturday, March 5, 2011

New discoveries this week: bad chemicals, good nuts and more!

Study finds most plastics overload you with female sex hormones:

PCBs, found in plastics, may impair fertility

Canadians have roughly half the toxic BPA in their systems as Americans.

Chemical in plastic shown to degrade the mental development of newborn girls.

Five common chemicals in cosmetics, how they affect you and what you can do to avoid them:

40,000 scientists address the chemical crisis, call for better testing.

Pecans lower the risk of heart disease AND cancer, thanks to antioxidants.

Walnuts improve memory and brain function

Two Michigan State professors have developed maps that offer a visual perspective of urban food deserts.

Wild mushrooms show antioxidant potential

A diet rich in potassium can reduce your risk for a stroke by 21 percent and lower your risk of heart disease

The FDA is reviewing the aging requirements for raw-milk cheese. Raw proponents fear a ban on raw-milk products.

Only 2% of children in US have a healthy diet according to USDA.

Skim milk contains a possible carcinogen called Titanium Dioxide, which does not have to be listed with the ingredients

Here's another link on Titanium Dioxide

Gut bacteria can control organ functions!

Country kids are less prone to asthma than city kids, probably because they're exposed to more diverse bacteria.

McDonald's turns cheap, healthy oatmeal into expensive junk food.

12 million tons of Chinese rice contaminated with toxic metal.

Beer company sells no-alcohol beer as a sports drink for athletes. (It's better than Gatorade.)

Headline says "Weight Loss Surgery May Cut Knee Osteoarthritis Pain." Why surgery and not weight loss diet?

Trend: Restaurants are phasing out free bread.

Want to save the oceans? Eat sardines!

The best therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome? Exercise!

Half of all heart attack victims go back to eating junk food

Vegan diets tend to be low in iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids

Eliminating processed foods may reduce the symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children.

Men more likely than women to exercise less after marriage

Whole Foods isn't as expensive as people think it is

Over-use and abuse of antibiotics are called the single "greatest threat to human health"

Father's diet can influence metabolism of kids