Saturday, April 23, 2011

New discoveries: cherries, gut bacteria, weight loss, avoiding cancer and more!

Tart cherries have a unique combination of powerful antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation

Strange but true: the brain is shaped by bacteria in the digestive tract

Type 2 diabetes may be an autoimmune disease

YMCA survey: 74% of US kids don't get minimum exercise; 74% of parents choose TV for family time. Coincidence?

How to reduce BPA exposure from food

Losing weight improves your memory!

Nationwide study finds US beef and poultry is widely contaminated

Nearly three-quarters of samples tested of top-selling imported olive oil failed extra virgin standards.

Why tea is better than coffee, green tea better than black, and white better than green.

The science is clear: Sugar can also make us fat and unhealthy

How the military is being hammered by obesity and yo yo dieting as service men and women try to cope:

Eating more carbs at dinner may help with weight loss and cholesterol

New study explains factors that contribute to childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes

Caffeine may contribute to diabetes

Eating less meat and more vegetables is tied to a lower risk of cataracts

Strawberries have the potential to prevent esophageal cancer

More than two alcoholic drinks a day increases risk of cancer

The American diet in one chart, with lots of fats and sugars

Differences in gut flora appear to have a big effect on whether one develops heart disease.

"Showing a milkshake to some people is like dangling a cold beer in front of an alcoholic."