Monday, April 4, 2011

New discoveries: gut microbes, fiber, fitness and vitamin D!

The huge range of harmless and beneficial microbes that live in our guts may be the key to health without antibiotics.

Why the United States has the highest rates of cancer in the world (TEDtalk video)

How optimal fitness has changed the life of one 46-year-old

Add anorexia to the growing list of diseases that used to affect only adults but now hit very young children:

Vitamin D and sunshine key to pregnancy health

The most common heart rhythm disturbance, called an atrial fibrillation, is largely preventable with healthy diet.

Coffee after high-fat meal can raise blood sugar to harmful levels

Get outside and get some sunshine, people! Vitamin D levels linked with health of blood vessels

Exercise gets more necessary with age, not less

Probiotic bacteria could help treat Crohn's disease

Is depression an inflammatory condition caused by an industrial diet?

Why apples, cranberries and prunes are good for your brain

Sugary soda and juice can boost blood pressure, weight

17 bad habits that weaken your heart:

Some of the olive trees that still produce for Italy's olive oil industry were planted during the Roman Empire!

Six ways to avoid BPA:

From the Department of Obvious: Diet along with exercise may be the best way for seniors to gain strength and fitness

How Seth Godin can help you get ripped:

New study shows that eliminating packaged foods from diet significantly reduces BPA levels.

Exercise may blunt salt's effect on hypertension:

Want to try some fruit juices you've never even heard of before?

Let's be very clear: "Heart failure," which killed Elizabeth Taylor, is caused by low-quality food and unhealthy lifestyle.

Everybody blames "Western" diets, but it's more accurately described as "modern and industrial" diets:

Lovers of raw milk cheese savor its unique flavors

Why healthy people smell so good:

Obese youths may have insulin resistance, inflammation and higher homocysteine levels due to junk food diets:

Antibiotics linked to obesity

Gut feeling? Take it seriously. Your gut is constantly "talking" to your brain, and is a wise counselor:

I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of this @donkeyandgoat wine, both in taste and in health quality! : )

10 fitness myths debunked:

Toenail study finds mercury-laden fish doesn't cause catastrophic cardiovascular illness. That's a pretty low bar...

Ever get sick after severe stress? The reason is that stress harms gut bacteria, which is your first line of defense:

The easiest way to get healthier: Sleep in a dark room!

The US Military joins the fight against childhood obesity

Here comes the new science of designer probiotics

3.23 p.m. is prime-time for going off your diet.

Chemicals in plastics linked to early onset menopause

Fiber reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

St Patrick was on the Spartan Diet:

Gut microbes may help combat flu virus in your lungs

Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease a woman's risk of age-related macular degeneration

Plentiful antioxidants before and during pregnancy prevents obesity and glucose intolerance in offspring.

Why you want to filter your home air: Air pollution can trigger arrhythmia even in healthy people:

Heirloom tangerine tomatoes a better source of a powerful antioxidant called lycopene than regular red tomatoes:

How vegetables fight cancer: They contain compounds that "suppress gene aberrations that... cause fatal diseases."

"64 percent of children diagnosed with ADHD are actually experiencing a hypersensitivity to food." Drugs not the answer.

A Mediterranean diet -- rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and olive oil -- reduces metabolic syndrome

Researchers discover that gluten sensitivity is different from celiac disease.

Scientists are figuring out how to process chocolate to preserve all its amazing health properties:

Exercise and sex (not necessarily at the same time) are good for your brain:

Potassium strengthens your cardiovascular system:

Research provides new insight into why poor diet during pregnancy negatively affects offspring's long term health

Why you should grind your own flour:

The Mediterranean diet still linked to lower heart disease risk

How to keep your kids away from the toxins in plastic:

YMCA launches program to end diabetes:

Why is sauerkraut a "superfood"? Because it's fermented:

A high-fiber diet helps you live longer:

One sixth of foods labeled 'fresh', 'organic' or 'handmade' isn't:

Researchers have discovered a new type of Australian honey found to be radically anti-bacterial.