Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Produce Absorbs Livestock Antibiotics - Study

Scientists at the University of Minnesota have found that vegetables fertilized with the manure of livestock absorb the antibiotics fed to the animals and pass those antibiotics along to the people who eat the vegetables.

Approximately 70 percent of all antibiotics produced in the US are fed to cows, pigs and chickens, totaling 25 million pounds of antibiotics per year. About 90 percent of the antibiotics given is passed in the form of waste. The manure of those animals is used to fertilize crops and the crops are passing them along to humans. Of course, people ingest antibiotics from eating livestock animal meat as well.

Scientists have previously found a link between child-consumption of antibiotics and allergies and asthma, which have risen dramatically over the years.

The Spartan Diet bans all domesticated animal meat (wild fish and game is OK), and calls for wild or organic produce, which is far less likely to contain antibiotics from livestock fertilizer.