Monday, January 5, 2009

Group Seeks to Re-Introduce Real Bread Into Diet

A small group of committed people in Oxfordshire, UK, are rebelling against industrial bread and founding a movement to re-introduce real bread back into the human diet. The group, called the Real Bread Campaign, includes bakers, biologists, growers, consumers and Andrew Whitely, founder of a local bakery and author of the book "Bread Matters."

The group advocates the rejection of industrial bread -- the kind you buy in the supermarket -- which uses mono-culture, genetically modified grain grown with chemical fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides and is baked with synthetic chemicals, softeners, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients.

Instead, the group calls for the home-baking or local purchase of long-ferment bread made from ancient, locally grown grain using traditional growing methods (150 to 200 types of wheat in one field, compared with a single variety grown in industrial fields).

The Spartan Diet applauds this movement, and looks forward to visiting participating bakeries on future trips to the UK.