Saturday, January 29, 2011

New discoveries this week: broccoli, gut bacteria and more!

Children are trained by their parents to prefer toxic junk food - study

New gym charges you less if you work out more!

Diabetes up 9% since 2008

How broccoli fights cancer:

How the microbes that live in your digestive tract protect you from infection:

How bacteria keep us healthy

Report blames lower US lifespan on smoking and obesity.

Just updated our popular Spartan Muesli with Spartan Cashew Milk recipes:

Taco Bell's "meat mixture" contains less than 35 percent beef, according to new lawsuit.

Eating factory-farmed meat can make you test positive for performance-enhancing drugs

Baby formulas based on cows milk lead to more weight gain in infants

Bittman to write weekly food column for NYT's OP/ED page