Monday, January 24, 2011

New discoveries this week: fat, fermentation, cabbage and more!

How winter makes you fat

How your mind affects your immune system 

Moderate wine drinking may improve the cognitive abilities of women 

Freak GM rice with *human genes* will soon go into production

How diet and toxins affect your genes to make you fat 

Health benefits and nutritional value of cabbage

Why we need fermented foods

Ancient foods are becoming popular with people who want to be healthier

Sunscreen blamed for severe Vitamin D deficiency

Britain slams Coco-Cola for advertising Vitaminwater as healthy

Sauerkraut: the new 'superfood'?

Flab takes its toll on the US military 

Smoking a cigarette can cause genetic damage within minutes 

You could eat "functional foods" invented by Cargill with a barley-derived additive. Or you could eat barley.