Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spartan Diet Foods Now Available In Santa Barbara

Amira Elgan, the main creator of the Spartan Diet and co-author of the upcoming Spartan Diet book has been working with the owners of an innovative eatery to introduce menu items that adhere to Spartan Diet principles.

The restaurant is called Backyard Bowls, and its one location is in Santa Barbara, California.

Backyard Bowls has introduced Spartan Muesli, and will soon roll out other Spartan Diet foods. (We'll keep you posted as new items are added to the menu.)

Backyard Bowls itself is a wonderful place to eat. If you live in, visit or even find yourself passing through Santa Barbara, you must experience Backyard Bowls. If you can imagine an entire menu where just about every item and even every ingredient is a fresh, whole superfood, then you can imagine Backyard Bowls.

Most items on the Backyard Bowls menu are cold, blended fruits and/or other ingredients in a bowl, topped by fresh fruit, nuts, fresh-ground flax seeds, bee pollen, and other ingredients. They also have smoothies and other items. What's amazing about Backyard Bowls is that they don't compromise on ingredients. For example, the honey they use isn't the standard junk most restaurants use, but whole, raw local honey (Spartan Diet approved!). The menu also conspicuously emphasizes the use of acai, one of the most healthful foods in the world.

If you ever find yourself anywhere near Santa Barbara, do yourself a favor and check out Backyard Bowls. Try Spartan Muesli. And if you get a frozen bowl, ask them to add Spartan Muesli as a topping. We just had one yesterday, and it was a mind-blowingly healthy and delicious treat.